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Data, Analytics and AI

Data, analytics and AI helps organization to visualize the facts based on the data harnessing and analyze.

Creating value through insightful data

Data is a liability if it is not leveraged to improve businesses. Therefore, data analytics is the key driving factor for any organization that wishes to provides better business insights, trends, and patterns through the analysis of the data available.

Data analytics helps companies ,make better business decisions, improve efficiency and productivity, and provide better services to end consumers by aligning business goals and needs.

At Tietoevry, we have a proven track record of executing large data analytics engagements across two decades thanks to our business and& technical consultants, who focus on continuous learnings and adapt to new and efficient ways of providing business solutions.

Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

Our offerings

BI and advanced analytics

Understand past performance and future goals

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Data lifecycle management and Governance

Expertise in design & development of all phases of Data Lifecycle Management

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Data Warehouse, Data Lake and MDM

Integrate structured and unstructured data for your business

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Data Science and AI

Increase revenue and reduce costs with Data science

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Conversational AI

Create delightful customer experience with CAI

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Data Accelerators

Speed up implementation in various phases on data integration, data management and migration solutions.

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