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Reinvent the world for good

Together, we make it happen !

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Join an exciting journey developing digital futures together. Help businesses and societies meet their full potential – while you are also reaching yours.

Vinu Sekhar

Head HR, Tietoevry India

What we do at work

Did you know that you deal with us almost every day? When you withdraw money at an ATM, when you buy a train ticket online, make mobile payments or when you receive a digital message that it is time to pick up a package you have ordered. You have probably used our solutions more than once. The team behind the scenes for these solutions is a large group of strategists, coders, analysts, industry experts and future enthusiasts.

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Tietoevry India and EVRY USA Jobs

For open positions in our Bangalore and Chandigarh offices as well as on-site locations in the US, please click on the link below

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H1B LCA listings

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