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Data science and AI

We increase revenue and reduce costs across your business by automating, optimizing and cloudifying AI and Data.

Boosting business performance

Most organizations move at their own pace when it comes to adopting AI, resulting in differing levels of AI maturity. Every company faces the challenge of prioritizing use cases and extracting tangible business values from their AI and ML initiatives.

That’s where we come in. At Tietoevry, we transform AI & ML goals into reality through solutions that can help across each stage of your maturity. Our solutions ensure successful business outcomes from AI & ML investments through accelerators and solutions that have an immediate impact on your business, scaling AI throughout your enterprise to unleash your digital advantage and full potential.

Furthermore, we are committed to the ethical use and development of AI. We create responsible AI that is transparent, while embedding privacy, fairness, and builds trust. A dedicated CoE (Center of Excellence) caters to the needs of our customers by creating lab solutions and, custom solutions, as well as providing consulting services. We have helped clients across industries accelerate their AI/ML model development to operationalization with our accelerators and frameworks. This has resulted in a set of configurable, ready to use, pre-integrated accelerators and solutions that quicken MLOps with explainable AI.
Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

Key benefits

• Discover solutions to critical business challenges by leveraging your data investments
• Proof-of-concepts to complete the industrialization of AI across your business
• Enhance accountability and trust in your AI & ML solutions.
• Accelerate your journey towards improved AI & ML maturity
• Leverage AI to design new products, services, and experiences, offering enterprises the opportunity to transcend their current market positions to the level of digitally native companies.
• Our local experts and global delivery capabilities ensure an optimal mix of cost-efficient resourcing.

Key capabilities

AI strategy advice

• A comprehensive understanding of AI maturity, critical gaps, and the biggest and most realistic AI-enabled business opportunities • Identified and prioritized use cases to kickstart your implementation • Feasible business case and roadmap for AI transformation

Proof of value accelerators

• Available data assets analyzed against identified use cases • Priority use cases validated in fast pilot projects and deployed into concrete AI solutions using the best- fit tools.

Continuous AI service

• Sustainable value generation with AI deployed as a continuous service integrated into business. • Established framework with CI/CD functionalities to enable continuous deployment. • Machine learning models are managed, monitored,& maintained as a service to free internal data science teams to focus solving new business problems • Senior-level advisory from AI translators with strong business acumen & data science technology experts.

Explainable AI

Our XAI Studio provides a complete understanding of model decisions by simplifying the black box and revealing the reasons behind a predictive outcome, as well as important local and global features.

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