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Conversational AI

Enable your shift to ‘people literate technology’ by leveraging design thinking and advanced conversational AI capabilities, to create an optimal customer experience.

Empowering digital transformation

We utilize conversational AI to build state-of-the-art virtual agents that can interact with your customers. This helps you to ‘break barriers across devices and channels.

By leveraging cutting-edge natural language technologies, we construct unified and intelligent digital assistants, using advanced conversational AI capabilities. This acts as a unified interface with a ’digital front door’, allowing you to access the multiple digital technologies your customers interact with the most.

We strive to create an enhanced customer experience and, drive meaningful conversations that produce for better outcomes. Users can get answers to their queries around the clock, without any immediate human interaction. We are also able to create conversation and voice design, resulting in hyper-personalized and optimal customer engagement.
Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

Key benefits

Accelerate time to market by enabling the efficient building of chatbots and leveraging pre-built intents across a wide range of industries and multiple functions, such as HR, finance, IT, customer support, and more.

Expand your business across multiple channels and marketplaces to meet customers where they are. We use leading platforms, technologies, and marketplaces to optimize cross-platform customer experiences and help users complete their tasks quickly - whenever and wherever they are.

Provide a highly personalized experience for individual users by leveraging user interactions across multiple channels. Our chatbots continuously evolves over time and adapts to user needs through by active AI learning.

Key capabilities

We help customers to realize their digital transformation objectives by providing digital advisory services across in the spectrum - from building a simple FAQ chatbot to the creation of enterprise-grade chatbot/voice assistants and digital humans.

We deliver a Cconversational AI roadmap by leveraging competency in requirement gathering and monitoring chatbots to enable continuous improvements. We use our expertise in design thinking to co-create via our co-innovation workshop Our skilled team has experience with multiple CAI platforms, AI/ML, digital channels, and digital tools to help achieve your business objectives.

Accelerate your conversation journey with the Tietoevry conversational AI (CAI) framework. This enables you to build a multi-modal, multilingual, and multichannel chatbot with true omnichannel experience, which can then be synchronized across multiple devices.

Our multilingual bot enables your customers to speak in their native language. It also helps create multi-modal experiences, encompassing more natural, human-like, and engaging conversational assistances.

We bring together people, processes, and tools to enable the successful execution and sustainability of results using conversational AI. We enable customers to build CAI apps on-site and on major cloud vendor platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google.

We build custom voice apps (Alexa skill and Google assistant actions) for smart speakers by leveraging Alexa and Google Assistant. We can also create multilingual intelligent voice chatbot using State-of-the-Art (SOTA) Deep Learning models like BERT, spaCy, and scispaCy.

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