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iLEAD Initiatives

Initiatives for women at Tietoevry India

Tietoevry’s Leadership Commitment

We know that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is more innovative and successful. Across our workforce globally, we embrace diversity and strive to create conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to learn and grow. By having a diverse workforce that represents our society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, We, at Tietoevry , ensure that all voices are heard and is committed to leveraging our global presence to help create positive change.

Women led-initiatives and activities

iLEAD is a business-driven community, that fosters to build an inclusive workplace and to create an atmosphere of innovative thinking.

The purpose is to inspire, facilitate and propagate inclusiveness in all aspects and in turn resulting in better participation in business excellence.
We, as iLEAD group, ensure to constantly take action, to create more support and empowerment, for better opportunities that bring about diversity at workplace at Tietoevry India.

Anitha Lakshmipathy

iLEAD Chairperson

iLEAD Newsletter

News from iLEAD, Tietoevry India

A collation of interesting activities, events and notable achievements from women at Tietoevry India.

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iLEAD campaigns

Diversity hiring

We strive to grow and work towards building an inclusive place of work • Objective is to reach diversity inclusion ratio of 50/50 • Women-focused hiring drives • For talent search, collaborating with recruitment team for an inclusive and diversity-focused hiring • Encourage and focus on women referrals.

Education for underprivileged girls

iLEAD has taken up educational sponsorship for some girls at Prasanna Jyothi Trust, Bangalore for the year 2022. Prasanna Jyothi Trust, under the 'Gyana Daana Program' entrusts education for underprivileged children for social empowerment.

Celebrations and events with iLEAD

• International Women’s Day celebratory week - sessions that aimed at creating awareness towards unconscious biases at workplace • Other fun activities arranged at the organizational level.

Trainings by iLEAD

iLEAD Women Leadership Program

Inclusive programs for women employees who aspire to be in leadership role by skilling them up on various leadership competencies as part of iLEAD Initiative.

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Lead, Influence & Transform program

Lead, Influence and Transform - an external training program for existing leaders to understand their capability and work with other women folk. Program details - • The importance of representation, role models and allyship • Equal voice and negotiating to get what you need • How to network and expand your influence • The impacts and necessity of psychological safety

Meet Diversity Frontrunners!

Celebrating uniqueness with Inclusivity

“My physical situation never stopped me in achieving my goals” – shares Namitha Sudarshan, Senior Manager, Tietoevry India.

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Fireside chat with women leaders

Fireside Chat with Reija Sihlman, Tietoevry | 2nd Dec, 2022

Session title - Inspiring women of today to lead the future. The session was designed specifically for our female coworkers to discuss important issues affecting women's career paths and to gain insight from Reija 's career journey and achieving work-life integration. It gave us an overview of the options for addressing a challenging work/life situation and ways to “stay” and “thrive” through these tipping points.

Fireside Chat with Veena Shanmukappa | 15th July, 2022

Session title - Women who are motivated to rise are a stronger force than any. The session was organized to have an opportunity to learn from Veena Shanmukappa ,Clarivate - her career and personal journey to know more about the underlying influential factors in a woman's careers and how to achieve success.

Fireside Chat with Priya Tandon,Tietoevry | 12th April,2022

Session title - An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Priya spoke about her personal and professional journey and shared life experiences during the session. She also reflected on the journey for women professionals in tech industry and the responsibility that we, as women have, and the essential factors required to achieve our goals and vision for personal and professional growth.

Other notable activities :

iLEAD members participation at the Roundtable discussion on Diversity & Inclusion with NASSCOM

Core team members from iLEAD,Tietoevry India, participated at the Roundtable discussion on Diversity & Inclusion with NASSCOM.

The discussion had D&I practitioners from various leading organizations. The program was designed to discuss where, an organization positions in terms of diversity and inclusion, followed by valuable inputs on how organizations can develop a framework and approach D&I for achieving company-wide inclusion, and alongside address the challenges to mainstream inclusion.

For queries and details about initiatives with iLEAD, write to us here

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