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International Day of Persons with Disabilities – December 2023

Celebrating uniqueness with Inclusivity

Team EVRY India / December 06, 2023

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – December 3,2023

“My physical situation never stopped me in achieving my goals” – shares Namitha Sudarshan, Senior Manager, Tietoevry India.

Namitha has been with the company in Bengaluru for 4.5 years and is an active part of iLEAD, a business-driven community of Tietoevry India that fosters to build an Inclusive Workplace.

Read how Namitha seeks new adventures and does not let her be defined otherwise.


- I have chosen a profession in IT and have been working in the Tech industry for 18+ years, without any career breaks.

- As a specially abled person, I have never let any challenges stop me from seeking new experiences personally and professionally.

- I like what I do and I have been in demanding roles with a proven track record towards successful delivery of projects and many see me as their role model.

Here are some major challenges most differently abled persons face and how I choose to find a workaround for it -

  • Being treated differently in a crowd/workplace - I never give a chance to people to treat me differently (with extra care, pity) – I have chosen to let my work, lifestyle and career achievements speak more than my physical shortcomings.


  • Transport and travel to new spaces and areas - Learning to drive has helped me overcome my commute problem, I can now confidently handle travel and it has also given me confidence to be independent in life.


  • Constantly asked about my Health – The disability is what happened but, to let it define me is a choice.


“I believe that being differently abled is not a curse, instead it gives many opportunities to prove one's capabilities and grow beyond our limitations and appreciate life beyond imperfections” - believes Namitha

As an equal opportunity employer, we at Tietoevry India, are proud at how Namitha has overcome challenges and everyday hurdles as a specially abled working women and has been an inspiration to many - Thank you, Namitha, for sharing your thoughts.

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Team EVRY India


Team EVRY India


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