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Infrastructure services and management

Ensuring that your digital transformation journey enables a smooth transition to new ways of doing business.

Business efficiency and strength

Optimize by securing your hybrid, public and private cloud platforms and delivering stable infrastructure. Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers bring together global capabilities in digital consulting and cloud & infrastructure services, globally scalability across industry software, and financial and product development services. This, combined with both a vast footprint and a strong pool of talented and certified IT professionals with delivery centers around the world, allow you to engage in complete cloud transformation abilities - from advisory to delivery excellence and managed services.

• Improving operational efficiency and supporting business transformation
through the utilization of new technology and our partner ecosystem.
• Complete cloud transformation abilities, from advisory to delivery excellence
and managed services
• Comprehensive data-driven business transformation experience covering all
aspects of data: management, governance, modelling and analytics
• A coherent roadmap for a step-by-step transformation to the cloud, at the
customer’s pace
• Actionable insights through the unlocking of value from existing and new
data assets
• Combining sector- specific software with capability to deliver them as
managed services in a multi-cloud environment
• Ensuring that your digital transformation journey enables a smooth transition
to new ways of doing business. 
Anil Rao

Head of Business Unit

Major benefits

Stay competitive

Enterprises & societies need digital platforms that can accelerate change now more so than ever, but they must leverage systems and processes that are operationally stable, resilient, and support business continuity. Your organization must also become scalable to meet the changing demands of a new & digital world to enhance your end-user experience through globally accepted & robust practices.

Innovative and secure

To ensure that systems are connected to a wider technological ecosystem and enable data democratization, everything must be highly automated to support business agility and innovation, as well as fit-for-purpose & cost efficient to ensure maximum return on digital investments. Enterprises also need a partner that can secure data from cybersecurity threats, drive compliance, and take care of auditing within industry-specific and local legislation.

Focus on business with sustainable cost saves

Optimize by securing your hybrid, public & private cloud platforms & delivering stable infrastructure. Our experienced & dedicated team bring  together global capabilities in digital consulting & cloud infrastructure services, global scalability across industry software,financial & product development services.This, combined with delivery centers across the Americas, EU/EEA, and Asia allow you to engage in complete cloud transformation abilities.

Key capabilities

Our virtual platforms, include both physical components and a virtualization layer, the standard x86 servers, with a redundant connection to power, network and storage, use Hyper-V and other industry- leading technologies at the virtualization layer.

Manageability and high availability make the most of your existing infrastructure,The infrastructure is optimized and designed with a 24/7 availability in mind and has no tolerance for downtime (SLA 99.999%). According to the architecture principles of “Business Continuity” and the principle of 'downtime free maintenance', there is a need for fault tolerant infrastructure and appropriate levels of redundancy.

Our network consulting services encompasses a wide range of services, such as managed infrastructure, network modernization, software-defined networks (SDN), software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN), firewall, proxy services, VPN support, Unified Communication, network optimization, and round-the-clock technical operations support from L1 to L4 levels for multi-vendor,. Combined, these services have has substantially impacted our customer-centric strategy to deliver optimal service.

The key to a digitally- enabled workspace and intuitive end- user computing, bringing the platform’s components to users and managers without requiring systems expertise., This allow a more fluid introduction of new technologies to end users. Given the scope of roles and responsibilities, any platform that is used to support an initiative should be intuitive, agile, scalable, and manageable.

These features reduce the level of expertise required to keep up with the changing digital workplace and enable your remote offices and BYOD policies to ensure compliance and license control.

We have 15+ years of experience delivering Infrastructure and management services for 30+ customers across the US, Nordics and APAC. Our robust partner ecosystem and intensive support model, which is governed by ITIL(v3/v4), SIAM, and CSI Focussed CMMI standards, offers you a simplified IT ecosystem and multi-vendor management-structured service and governance with business and IT suppliers.

Our comprehensive, high-quality database services put the customer first. By utilizing our foundational ITIL process and delivery methodology, our DBA experts can use expertise to provide both proactive and reactive database support. Our proactive database support ensures that your database environment receives the preventative care it requires while also promising an active response to any critical need you may face.

We can help to build an easy- to- manage environment, from Virtual Windows Computers, Servers, and Network through to applications and database services (Daas,Iaas, Saas & Paas).  Our partnership with Microsoft has yielded 15 gold-level competences and more than r 5000 personal certifications. We are particularly excited about Microsoft’s Cloud Business Application Gold Certificate, which is proof of our top-notch expertise in helping you gain benefits from the cloud.

You can rely on our FastTrack support to develop and operate your services.

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