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Due diligence process on product portfolio and talent composition

Seek out expert opinion to transform business model by restructuring the product portfolio, consolidating assets and engineering

Team EVRY India


The client is a leading provider of cloud-based population health management products and services for risk-bearing entities. Client products embedded with rich features are sold in modules or bundled packaged solutions.

The client is a partner with the nation’s leading health plan and risk-bearing provider and assists the provider to optimize personalized delivery of predictive and prescriptive decision support for clinicians, physicians, consumers and caregivers.

Customer Challenge

As part of a vision and corporate strategy, the client was looking to transform the business model by restructuring the product portfolio, consolidating assets or firms and engineering teams. They had also planned multiple parallel initiatives while supporting Business as Usual (BAU) demands of product and enhancements requests.

As an initial step, the client wanted to comprehend the maturity of the product portfolio and potential risks within the operational structure and resource-mix level. Thereby, were looking out for an expert to perform technical due diligence on product documentation, existing team composition and resource risk assessment.



With Tietoevry on board, the client leveraged our expertise and conducted due diligence for a period of three weeks. During this phase, We interacted with a cross-functional team of Business, Technology, Product Management & Executive council to understand the comprehensive mapping and checklist of assessment. Our team was able to provide assessment in multiple areas right from the technical aspect to risk mapping and conducted the following activities.

Assessment of Product Portfolio

Tietoevry successfully presented high-level findings on the architecture landscape, product line and components, technical functionality with coverage and provided performance and quality indicators as listed below:

  • Product suite structure
  • Portfolio technology landscape
  • Product line and component operational status analysis
  • Sizing of technical implementation as per customer needs
  • Product stability measurement

Knowledge Management, Product Suite and Release Management

With limited time and assessment, We delivered a vital aspect by undergoing review on reports and documentation of artefacts, integrations and determined the following:

  • Artefact repository structure
  • Product component documentation availability
  • Up-to-date information & content definition depth
  • Cross-documentation linkage availability

During this phase, Tietoevry also examined in depth the process of SDLC implementation and had strategic discussions with business enablers by providing a high-level technical roadmap with planned enhancements and release calendar.

Engineering team composition analysis

With the existing analysis, Tietoevry took a step further to assess the relationship between the product lines and quality of team composition. The outcome of this activity was to derive skill set association for various products, resource risk matrix and resource interconnection per portfolio.

  • Team structure with employee role details
  • Product line team structure
  • Resource & product portfolio association
  • Resource knowledge per portfolio measurement

Business Value

  • Delivered Engineering team decomposition analysis report
  • Published bench strategy report with a focus on augmenting engineering team
  • Resource Risk Mitigation report along with detailed Knowledge Transition plan.
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