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Enterprise Transformations

Helping customers to plan and execute their digital transformation agenda, with a particular focus on business output.

Driving value creation

The digital transformation journey demands a constant evaluation of technology and business dimensions to achieve success. Enterprises often struggle to resolve technical debts with their complex legacy architectures and end up diluting their transformation objectives.

Organizations need for a trusted advisor to balance internal and external expectations and retain their innovative edge.

As trusted advisors, we, together with our clients, lay the foundation for strategic decisions by bridging organization silos to effectively steer digital transformation initiatives. We bring a multi-disciplinary team of technology-agnostic architects, functional consultants, and deep technologists that are tuned into the latest trends so that they can help organizations enable business strategy through relevant software, infrastructure, and services.

Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

Key capabilities

Business and technology consulting

We bring technology expertise in market trends, research, thought leadership and best practices to address your business needs by providing actionable solutions across business and technology areas, from strategy to implementation.

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Digital transformation

We help you with insight-based digital strategies and new business models that aim to transform your business and provide you with a digital advantage.

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Cloud transformation advisory

A cloud strategy is the foundation of successful transformation. We evaluate your IT landscape for cloud migration readiness, while providing workload analysis and help with platform choices, business cases, architecture, and operating models.

Portfolio rationalization

Our extensive experience can be leveraged across portfolio analysis, platform consolidation, application simplification, large- scale consolidations, and divestments. Our time- tested SIMPLIFY-IT framework offers a comprehensive portfolio analysis, utilizing tools, methodologies, guidelines, templates, and best practices to accelerate rationalizations.

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Enterprise architecture

We adapt your business strategy and operational capabilities to create the right conditions for value-adding enterprise architecture.

Legacy modernization

Declining support for legacy platforms, including operating systems, development environments, support, and hardware, poses challenges when adapting to the ever-changing business environment. Tietoevry helps businesses to modernize monolith apps either on-site or using multi-cloud solutions to achieve increased flexibility and system scalability.

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