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Digital automation

At Tietoevry, it is our mission to make sure your business processes are more efficient and cost effective.

Automation services that increase efficiency and productivity

We provide holistic automation services that includes advisory consulting, process modelling, and license optimization, as well as the development and deployment of automation initiatives. Our services have helped our customers to increase efficiency and productivity for years to come.

With more than 60+ experts across RPA and AI/ML and over 30 re-usable components, we can help you kick-start, accelerate, and scale up your automation transformation effectively. From RPA services to integration with analytics / AI or chatbots, hyper automation, we plan, manage, and build solutions that solve your business needs.

Partner with us to successfully apply automation and scale up across your enterprise, through our high- quality and reliable solutions and services.
Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

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