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Digital accelerators 

Improve time-to-market and significantly reduce your development effort by leveraging our digital accelerators.   

Frameworks to accelerate your transformation

Our digital accelerators are pre-built modules that can be utilized to achieve your needs. Our library consists of numerous options that are both industry specific and industry agnostic.  

Whether your transformation goal is to achieve operational efficiency or improve digital experience, our accelerators can help. By significantly reducing your development effort, we can help deliver your solutions/services to the market in a faster, better, and more efficient way.

 From cost- effective RPA tools, and expediting voice- first solutions, to building user intuitive bots, Tietoevry’ s accelerators covers a range of real- world requirements. We can speed up your end- to- end data -driven transformations through data acquisition and collection, as well as data processing and visualization. Our search- driven framework enables the building of smart search solutions and information platforms to find and reuse existing data within your organization.  
Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

Key offerings

Findwise i3 and Go 

NLP/NLU - based search driven solutions for intelligent enterprise search and information management .

RIA: Robotic Intelligent Automation

A cost-effective Business Process Automation & Integration tool for operational efficiency .

Conversational AI framework

Context-aware multi-modal natural interactions with continuous learning to easily add conversation layers to businesses.

Open innovation platform

Facilitate faster and predictable innovation with a measurable outcomes-platform to curate ideas and build solutions.

IoT accelerators

Build, integrate multi-protocols and scale IoT solutions through our IoT platform, while simulating use cases and devices .

Conversational dashboards

AI-based voice analyst generates graphs and insights on the go by querying efficient dashboards and accessible analytics .

Cloud- driven AR commerce

Cloud- based Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D visualization services to create in-store shopping experiences online .

Data accelerators

Accelerate data operations, ingestion, and processing via automation and analytics .

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