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Strategize and enhance your enterprise security posture.

Enterprise security for your business

In today’s digital world, data processing and movement across multi-channel and multi-cloud scenarios is expanding the attack surface. Our Cybersecurity services assist enterprises in managing the cyber resilience in an era of unprecedented cyber threats.

In the digital age, one of the biggest opportunities for organizations is the digitalization of operations, deliveries, and business models. In this context, the threat landscape has expanded significantly due to proliferation of services, devices, and distributed workforce.

We augment your in-house security team to build comprehensive security capabilities. We work with enterprises on their transition roadmap from legacy security architecture to secure access service edge solutions to support perimeter less, cloud-delivered zero trust model.

Anil Rao

Head of Business Unit

Key capabilities

Cybersecurity advisory

Leverage our expert advisory services to assess the security maturity aligned with business goals to build a robust security and risk management strategy for your organization.

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Cloud security

We evaluate your cloud architecture and roadmap to ensure readiness of the cloud solutions and infrastructure to handle ever expanding threat landscape.

Identity and privacy management

Manage the full identity lifecycle of your employees and customers to ensure the smooth and secure flow of your business.

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Security testing and VAPT

Subscribe to our Security testing, Vulnerability assessments and Penetration testing services to identify and prevent attacks and mitigate the risks that your business may encounter. We evaluate application and infrastructure resilience to the most probable threat scenarios.

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Risk assessment and security audits

Our structured assessment that lets you identify, prioritize, and minimize risks to your organization, helping build a strong foundation based on proactive risk management.

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