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  Cloud and Infrastructure

By connecting data and people across clouds, our customers can unlock full potential of innovation and data their business generates, without compromising on efficiency or security.

Driving value creation

Optimize by securing your hybrid, public and private cloud platforms and delivering stable infrastructure. Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers bring together global capabilities in digital consulting and cloud & infrastructure services, globally scalability across industry software, and financial and product development services. This, combined with both a vast footprint and a strong pool of talented and certified IT professionals with delivery centers around the world, allow you to engage in complete cloud transformation abilities - from advisory to delivery excellence and managed services.

Anil Rao

Head of Business Unit

Infrastructure Services and Management

Enterprises and societies need digital platforms that can accelerate change now more so than ever, but they must leverage systems and processes that are operationally stable, resilient, and support business continuity.

Your organization must also become scalable to meet the changing demands of a new and digital world to enhance your end-user experience through globally accepted and robust practices. To ensure that systems are connected to a wider technological ecosystem and enable data democratization, everything must be highly automated to support business agility and innovation, as well as fit-for-purpose and cost efficient to ensure maximum return on digital investments.

Enterprises also need a partner that can secure data from cybersecurity threats, drive compliance, and take care of auditing within industry-specific and local legislation. 

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How we can help you ?

Cloud Advisory

We help you with insight-based digital strategies and new business models that aim to transform your business and provide you with a digital advantage.

Cloud Security

Modern applications are becoming ever-more complex. However, we are here to help. Our Cloud Native Services Development allows you to take back control and rapidly create value. We evaluate your cloud architecture and roadmap to ensure the readiness of each cloud solution, so that you can are equipped to handle the threat landscape.

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Cloud solutions and platforms

Create a business ecosystem that connects internal and external partners. We help you react to evolving market needs, while increasing transformation velocity and leveraging value of data flows across different platforms and frameworks. Our global experts and comprehensive package of hybrid, private and public cloud solutions, in collaboration with global ecosystem partners, enable you to go digital at scale.

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