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Test Process Consulting

Customized Testing for business brilliance.

Seamless Testing for business

We provides comprehensive and customizable testing services where complete responsibility is taken for test activities that enable innovation and transformation of IT operational processes. We define our clients’ testing objectives clearly and then execute them precisely to achieve unsurpassed outcomes and exceed their expectations. Our services match the quality assurance standards and include diverse types of testing methodologies that feature collaborative approaches to offer best-in-class services for our customers who intend to realize cost-effectiveness, profitability and high quality results.

The tools and frameworks we use in our testing process are seamlessly integrated with a customized governance model that ensures high success rate of our software testing practice. Our service excellence makes our testing services unique by bringing in the required infrastructure, tools and domain competencies, enabling our Testers to have a fast start-up and reduced delivery time. Our Testing Services ensure external ratification of quality, reusable automation frameworks, complete gamut of testing services, and statistical status reporting, thus aiding decision making by product owners.

Security Testing is of paramount importance for customer applications and infrastructure. External users may hack or intrude vulnerable functionalities whereas internal users may misuse the access provided. Hence we take into consideration Security Intelligence (SI), the data about protecting a client from external and internal threats. Security Intelligence also includes the tools, policies and processes to collect information and analyze it.
Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

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