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Security testing services

Assured quality for your business applications.

Security Testing

With the exponential increase in Mobile, Cloud and IoT applications, the risk, attack vectors & entry points grow manyfold. Any security incident or breach will not only result in loss of sensitive data and affect the reputation of the organization, but will also result in loss of business and penalties due to non-compliances.

The importance of security testing is increasing daily – the world is changing and each day there are more threats than the day before. It is crucial to follow an secure approach during development to avoid expensive and time consuming changes to architecture or code later down the development cycle.

We offer a scalable and easy-to-use solution that works across your entire application portfolio and constantly assesses the risk of hackers attacking your applications. We can help you pinpoint the vulnerabilities of your applications right down to the line of code and suggest how to improve them.
Shashi Prabha Singh

Head of Digital Innovation

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