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Hyper-Automating the Retail Returns Process

01 June 2023

Here is an interesting read on 'Hyper-Automating the Retail Returns Process' and the immediate need to address omnichannel retail returns can be beneficial, in this article published in the SupplyChainBrain forum by Guruprasad Nagaraja, Enterprise Architect, Tietoevry Create,India.

The Retail industry is facing returns at about 16.5% of overall retail sales, and the amount of merchandise returned as a percentage of holiday sales surged by 17.9% in 2022.The problem of omnichannel retail returns is one that must be addressed.

Guruprasad, shares insights on underlying gaps in return orchestration and the 'Key Mantras in Automation' that will enable seamless results. Read the complete article here.

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