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Realize the full potential of your business with digital solutions that bring new opportunities.

Digitalization is the first step towards growth

We invest in the right technology at the right time to transform businesses. Tietoevry, believes in addressing the challenges in a sustainable manner.

Utilities enterprises are expected to operate at much lower costs than their contenders, while providing high service quality at the same time and satisfying end-users as one of the most crucial tasks.

Tietoevry understands these concerns and provides a set of well-designed offerings to tackle such challenges. Our customer experience management offerings are aimed at improving the customer interaction platform, service quality, marketing campaigns, etc., which in turn aid in increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

The enterprise services we offer help companies in improving the operations and processes. As we maintain a broad customer base, the amount of data generated also provides opportunities in understanding and serving our customers better. With our Business Intelligence and Meter Data Management services, we provide the Utilities enterprises with insights, which helps them to stay ahead in a competitive scenario.
Jayaprakash Nayak

Head of Retail, Energy and Manufacturing

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