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Tech Utsav 2024 - Thank you for making it a grand success!

Here's to continued innovation, collaboration, and success in all our future endeavors!

22.5.2024 / Bengaluru. India

We are truly humbled by the overwhelming success of the fourteenth edition of Tech Utsav 2024. We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who played a part in making it such a memorable and inspiring event.

To our esteemed guests, Harri Salomaa, Acting Managing Director at Tietoevry Create; Kåre Nygård, Head of Chapters; Jay Miller, Head of Americas; Joshua Marquart, Head of Healthcare; Dennis Royal, Chapter Lead Design; Aaron Whitney, Head of New Business at Tietoevry Create; and our esteemed client Smita Singh, VP of Engineering at symplr; as well as eminent industry expert Jayanth Kolla, Founder & Partner at Convergence Catalyst; your presence added immense value and significance to our gathering. Your insights and perspectives contributed to rich discussions and meaningful interactions throughout the event.

We sincerely appreciate our distinguished speakers and panel members for sharing their expertise and thought-provoking ideas. Your presentations inspired and enlightened us, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who attended.

The heart of this event was our dedicated demo team members and pitch participants, who not only showcased cutting-edge technology and innovation but also played a pivotal role in the success of Tech Utsav 2024. Your hard work and creativity indeed demonstrated the incredible talent within our organization. Congratulations, and a big shout out to all the teams who participated in the fest and the winners!

Top Demos – Popular Poll

1st: Automated Data Quality Validation & Testing Maturity Assessment

2nd: Experience your RIA (Robotic Intelligent Automation Platform

3rd: Medical Claims Process Automation

Top Demos – Jury Selection

1st: Research AI Agent

2nd: Medical Claims Process Automation

3rd: Android Device Management (ADM)

Top Innovators' Pitch

1st: Gen AI for Augmented Clinical Documentation

2nd: Neural Network-Powered Detection of Forgery

3rd: Streamlining Prior Authorization using AI

Let's not forget the incredible cultural performances and the exhilarating Drum Jam, which brought us all together in a spirit of celebration and unity.

Special mention to our leaders Rajnish Mohan, Ram Mohan, Krithika Subramani, Anil Bailkere Rao, Shashi Singh, Souvik Mukherjee, Rajasekaran Soruban, Anitha Lakshmipathy, Krishnamaraju Chintalapati, Varsha Shekhar, and Mala Chandrashekar for their wonderful support in making the event a success. As always, our enthusiastic colleagues Vibha Mishra, Sudarshan Magge, and the admin team were indispensable for this edition of the tech fest, too. Your meticulous planning and flawless execution ensured that every aspect of Tech Utsav 2024 ran smoothly and efficiently.

Welcoming Leaders

Lamp Lighting

Expert Talk

Panel Discussion

Drum Jam

Evaluation by jury members

Booth visits

Cultural performance

With performers

With Team

In closing, we express our deepest appreciation to each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions to Tech Utsav 2024. Your passion, dedication, and expertise have made this event an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Here's to continued innovation, collaboration, and success in all our future endeavors!

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