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Prakash Grama is the CEO of EVRY USA Corporation and based in Orange County, CA. He co-founded SPAN in the U.S. and India in 1994 before selling it to EVRY in 2012. Prior to EVRY USA, Prakash worked at Harris Bank, Chicago, owned by Bank of Montreal. Before that, he worked at Tata Burroughs and BHEL in India. He has been profiled on CNBC, the Washington Post and Zee Business and Radio City in India and interviewed in The Wall Street Journal and other media. Prakash has over 40 years of IT industry in the US market and an expert in outsourcing. He has also mentored, and angel invested in a couple of startups in the US and India that have subsequently received VC funding.

Prakash has an MBA from IIM Calcutta, a Top 3 business school in India and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore, India.

Prakash Grama

Prakash Grama
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