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Pavilion® Model

A tailored and focused model on the client’s business objectives

Through the Pavilion®, Tietoevry transcends software development from a method and process-driven standpoint to managing relationships that are flexible, tailored and focused on the client’s business objectives.

Tietoevry sets up an offshore software development Pavilion® for its clients in Bangalore and Chandigarh, India. A Pavilion® has several distinct advantages. This includes a dedicated workspace, a scalable team, and a designated infrastructure that covers a comprehensive set of hardware, software and other tools. Tietoevry has set up successful Pavilions that have reduced the software development costs for several of its clients.


The Pavilion® is defined by:

Blend team.png

Blended Team and Delivery Ownership

A competent team having the right mix of resources will be working on customer projects exclusively. Tietoevry will own the delivery responsibility and proactively builds essential knowledge repository. Process oriented resource transition, along with mandatory overlap period and Knowledge Management System (KMS), ensure business as usual.


Designated Infrastructure

EVRY will allocate workspace within its facility to provide for proximity and cohesion within the team. Tietoevry will set up all the hardware and software resources required for the project in a designated area. One of the critical factors for the success of the Pavilion® includes setting up of the development / test environment. The environment replicates the production environment.


Scalability and Project Visibility

Tietoevry uses process tailoring guidelines to accommodate client requirements in the Pavilion®. Not only does the client set the standard for this engagement, but will also be involved in managing the tasks of the offshore team. This unique model helps customers realize increased levels of productivity and profitability. EVRY will provide software solutions, while the clients focus their time and efforts on meeting the needs of their customers.


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