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Increased efficiency and flexibility


Today’s digital knowledge workers must have access to tools, data and communication anytime and anywhere on the platforms of their choice. They are digital natives who live in a continuous information surplus, in a world in which change happens extremely quickly. In such a reality, they need the tools to share knowledge and interact freely, anytime and anywhere, and in constantly changing constellations.


The digital workplace is no longer a “workplace” but a “workspace”: a virtual room in which people, technology, data and organisation come together. Workspace from EVRY is precisely this.

Workspace from EVRY permits your employees to work and interact anytime and anywhere on the devices they prefer, balanced against the business’ IT policy and security requirements, cost effectiveness and control.

The concept contains all services with an underlying infrastructure necessary to deliver a complete end-user environment. An agreement can vary from individual basic modules to complete delivery of a digital workplace. Deliveries can take place as a cloud service, a customer-dedicated solution or, typically, a mix of both.

Workspace from EVRY comprises five primary service areas:

  • Interaction: Market-leading tools for personal productivity, interaction and employee engagement, such as chat, mail, information sharing, social media, online meetings, conference equipment, etc.
  • Client equipment: Uniform administration of life-cycle services for all types of user equipment, such as Windows, Mac OS X, IOS and Android based client devices.
  • Applications and user environment: Solutions that make all applications in a company available to client's equipment with secure access to key data.
  • Basic infrastructure: Delivery of common infrastructure services, including local network, secure remote access, identity and catalogue services, print management, integration with cloud services, etc.
  • Common services: General support, security and identity services from EVRY that are closely related to and normally mandatory in a complete delivery of an IT workplace.


Workspace workday

A typical digital user's workday

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