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Bank customers must be able to have absolute confidence in the safety of bank services. Therefore, security issues related to identification, digital signatures, card usage and fraud are top priorities for banks.

To meet rigorous security requirements undergoing constant changes, EVRY Financial Services offer enterprise-centric services covering all security areas.

This enables our customers to offer new services in channels operating 24/7 - effectively facilitating reduced "time-to-market" for new services and reduced costs. It minimizes resources spent on support and accentuates product sales.

The Security domain offers the following services:

  •  Authentication - electronic identification and single sign-on
  •  BankID administration-Issuing Solutions
  •  Electronic signing - online document signing
  •  Card security
  •  3-D Secure Issuing - secure Internet commerce 

Fraud Prevention

How to manage fraud with modern technology managed by experts. Take a new approach in keeping ahead of the fraudsters.

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Card security

EVRY provides services for card issuing process, including card security, Card- and PIN management, and 3D Secure issuing.

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Electronic signatures

With electronic signatures customers need no longer relate to opening hours. Regardless of the time and place, the user can safely and easily sign the agreements and documents online.

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Our authentication Services cover all aspects of authentication, from purchasing, stocking and distribution of authentication devices via administration solutions for registration blocking and opening of devices, to web-solutions for the login of users.

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