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Delivering Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Elevate the Caliber of Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, Cloud computing has crossed over the hype phase as there has been a steady adoption from more and more organizations and increased support from solution providers. EVRY has caught this changing wave early-on and has been investing in Cloud platforms and related technologies. We have developed expertise around offerings from major cloud providers and platforms. By working with some of the early adopters of cloud computing, we have delivered highly flexible global services on a variety of technologies. EVRY has a deep understanding of services stack, marketplace products and management extensions of major cloud platforms and is capable of delivering comprehensive solutions on cloud.

As a member of Amazon Partner Network, EVRY has designed and deployed several cloud solutions on AWS for various customers. EVRY has also implemented test labs on AWS for highly available solutions using MS SQL Server AlwaysON, across different availability zones and distributed processing of Big Data, using Hadoop. Familiar with the cloud formation models of AWS, EVRY has integrated test labs with management extensions from other AWS vendors.

As a Microsoft Silver Competency partner, EVRY has assisted Microsoft customers with proof of concepts on core features of Azure. Through our parent company, EVRY, we have built a private cloud platform for enterprise clients using the Windows Azure Pack.

With Cloud Computing, organizations can transform IT operations. IT Service Management (ITSM) helps to speed up cloud services delivery by managing complex environments. ITSM platforms and principles support organizations to achieve their goals by putting in place the right technologies, people and processes. IT Service Management is useful for streamlining data center operations, improving utilization of resources and develop open standards.

In addition, we have developed several services as ERP extensions on a leading PaaS platform, called Apprenda, for an enterprise in the Nordic region. We have also migrated applications across PaaS platforms with a vendor-agnostic design. Our experience extends to having explored the Google App Engine (PaaS) Platform and its APIs to build a cloud based Compliance Audit Service. The Audit solution was composed through a mash-up of majority of Google services and very few custom services.

EVRY’s Cloud Strategy Accelerators:

  • Cloud Consultancy Services
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Create cloud strategy for application and infrastructure
  • Building cloud roadmap and reference architecture
  • Define service strategy and delivery models for an enterprise (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

Cloud Enablement Services

  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud transition planning
  • Cloud adoption/migration

Cloud Managed Services

  • Enable cloud sourcing and managing
  • Identify remote service needs, integrating process and delivery models

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