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EVRY USA Now Member of MBA

Member of Mortgage Bankers Association

EVRY USA has become a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), which is committed creating a cohesive environment for its members that helps them invest in communities and realize their business objectives. The MBA creates such an environment by training & educating industry professionals, developing novel business tools, providing a common ground like a gathering place to share ideas, acting on behalf of the industry on legislative & legislative issues, and offering open as well as fair standards & practices for the industry.

This membership confers EVRY USA with numerous and unparalleled benefits. Be it observing the marketplace, advocating on the company’s behalf in Washington DC and the states or keeping us updated about key developments, it is the main goal of the MBA to support EVRY USA in its interests and success initiatives.

As a member, EVRY USA can make the most of its membership through benefits by:

  • Advancing the business through professional assistance
  • Staying completely informed about the marketplace
  • Getting connected with enterprises in similar business segments
  • Making the difference through the esteemed membership

EVRY USA is proud to be a member of the MBA, which is the only association that represents all segments of the real estate finance industry. It is an association that can lead its members successfully and assist them in choosing what is best for sustaining and growing in the industry.

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