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Articles of Association

Unofficial English translation

Articles of Association



Updated 3 May 2016


Article 1 – Company name

The name of the company is EVRY AS.


Article 2 – Registered Office

The company's registered office is in Bærum.


Article 3 – The object of the Company

The company's business is to develop, manage and operate its own and other parties’ IT solutions, to sell services and consultancy and any activities related to the foregoing. These activities may be carried out by the company itself, by its subsidiaries or through participation in other companies and collaboration with other parties.


Article 4 – Share capital

The share capital is NOK 467,843,216.75 consisting of 267,338,981 shares each of nominal value NOK 1.75.


§ 5 – Transferability of the shares

The shares of the company shall be freely transferable. The shares shall be registered in a central securities depository.


Article 6 – Board of Directors

The company's Board of Directors shall have a minimum of five and a maximum of eleven shareholder elected members in accordance with the decision of the general meeting.


Article 7 – Signatory rights

The Board of Directors acts on behalf of the company and has power of signing for the company. Power of signing for the company is also vested in the Chair of the Board and one member of the Board of Directors signing jointly.


Article 8 – General Meeting

To the extent documents setting out or explaining the matters to be dealt with at the company's general meeting are made available on the website of the company, the statutory requirement of sending such documents to the shareholders individually shall not apply.

This is also applicable with respect to documents that according to statutory law shall be included in or attached to the notice of a general meeting.

Notwithstanding the above, each shareholder may in each case require to be sent such documents.

Shareholders who intend to attend the general meeting shall give the company written notice of their intention within a time limit given in the notice of the general meeting, which cannot expire earlier than two days before the general meeting. Shareholders, who have failed to give such notice within the time limit, can be denied admission.