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Heatmasters invested in testing when updating their systems

Heatmasters, Europe's leading heat treatment service provider, updated its enterprise resource planning system to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the help of EVRY. The update process was finished off with thorough testing.

”We chose EVRY through a tender but another key factor was the fact that we have always worked together seamlessly.”

Heatmasters provides metal heat treatment services and equipment in Finland and abroad. Its end clients include manufacturing companies, power plants and oil refineries such as ABB, Stora Enso, Siemens, STX, Neste Oil, Fortum and Wärtsilä. The group has offices in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and the U.S.

Heatmasters has worked with EVRY for many years now, but when their version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV reached a point where it needed to be updated, Heatmasters decided to play it safe and choose the system supplier through a tender.

”We chose EVRY through a tender but another key factor was the fact that we have always worked together seamlessly. It's a breeze working with EVRY as we don’t need to know any IT jargon to get excellent service. EVRY has always provided us with great support and the benefits of the NAV system have become clear over the years,” says Merja Sinivuori, the financial director of Heatmasters.

Testing reduces costs

Heatmasters decided to start updating its ERP system in the spring of 2015 and the new system was in use in December of the same year. In addition to the version update, the system was also tweaked to better suit the company's needs. Before fully implementing the system, Heatmasters wanted to test it thoroughly.  

"Each employee tested their work processes using the trial version. This was an important step as it allowed us to recognise the features we didn't need or which didn't yet work properly. It's the end user's responsibility to test the program thoroughly as it would be impossible for an outsider to test our internal processes. In addition, testing also reduces costs,” says Sinivuori.

Streamlined processes with the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Now Heatmasters uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV in sales and marketing, warehouse management, production management, purchases, ledgers, accounting and human resource management. In the future, the company is also planning to implement the maintenance features and possibly support sales features, too. The system is in use in all of the groups’ offices apart from the U.S. where the company has only just expanded and started to look into the local accounting rules and regulations.

”The new version works like a dream; compared to the old version, it’s faster and has more features. It gives us all the information we need in a consistent form and we can use the program’s report templates to create reports that suit our specific needs. The option to customise everyday tasks like these reduces costs, and we’ve also been really happy with quote template, so we make all quotations for equipment directly in the system now,” says Sinivuori.

Heatmasters is yet to calculate the savings generated through the new system version but the amount of manual tasks has been reduced and everyday tasks are now faster and easier to perform. The support from EVRY is also still at the level Heatmasters is used to.

“It’s clear that EVRY invests in training their staff to keep their knowledge up-to-date, and not only when it comes to the system itself but also in terms of accounting, financial administration and business operations in general. I can’t stress how much easier it makes things for us when we don’t have to explain the intricacies of VAT regulation and other basic business principles to the system supplier.”