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Cloud Services – an enabler of innovation

The change and innovation within technology today is fast-paced, with new services presented to consumers and businesses every minute. Innovations and new cloud services, such as big data, analytics and machine learning make it far easier and quicker to create new solutions and services.

This is very visible in the high number of technology start-ups, as well as the fact that the largest 5 public companies in the world are technology companies – Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

At the same time, the requirements from the consumers of the services are also increasing, and a new term has arised; micro moments. A micro moment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information that you can either consume, or act on immediately.

Consumers expect the information or services they need to be available immediately, at all times, from everywhere, and on any platform. As quickly as technology opens possibilities, a huge demand for services arises, posing a challenge for all businesses providing them. Over the last 50 years, the life of a business has been dramatically shortened. Today, the average life of a Fortune 500 company is now only 15 years.

To cope with these changes, organisations must be forward-looking and ensure that they are able to meet the expectations of their customers. In EVRY, we use the expression «Digital Advantage» to describe the new paradigm. Focusing on the three terms Run, Modernize, and Innovate, EVRY itself has undergone a transformation shift to the Modernize and Innovate stages in order to manage these changes. We can now help our customers to do the same; to change your focus from operations to modernizing your IT environment and innovate your IT solutions.

Research performed by Morgan & Stanley in October 2016 shows that about 70% of companies’ workloads are “traditional hosting”, i.e. either on premise, co-location or managed hosting by hosting provider. Morgan & Stanley predicts that in 2020 it will shift to about 50% on traditional hosting and public cloud services.

EVRY sees the following as the three main drivers for cloud adoption:

Business Agility; flexibility, scalability, elasticity, security
New business models; enabler of innovation and new revenue streams
Shift focus from Run to Innovate; value creation instead of operations

From low cost focus to innovation and business value creation
Today, the cloud is a strategic business decision involving top management. Cost savings alone should no longer longer be the main reason for moving to the cloud. Today’s organisations see cloud services more and more as an enabler of innovation and by this taking advanced cloud services into use and really drive business value.

On one hand, IT costs saved through cloud adoption can be put to better use in innovation. On the other hand, the digital transformation process inherent in moving to the cloud enables organisations to create and test new solutions or try out new business models that were to complex or required prohibitively large investment to build under the traditional, in-house IT regime – and to quickly scale successful new solutions.

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