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Messaging is an important part of the exchange of information between actors in the financial value chain.

Companies communicate to their banks directly or via a Service Bureau, and the banks exchange messages with other banks directly or through the clearinghouse. ISO 20022 is the first standard that takes into account the requirements for end2end Straight-through processing to achieve higher quality and lower unit costs.

In order to achieve rapid economic gains and minimize administration, it is important that each company digitizes all of their messages. E-billing is an example of this. The company sends all their invoices electronically to an agent that takes printouts to the recipients who cannot take e-billing. Similarly, you want to receive all invoices electronically, and then the agent scan paper invoices. EVRY provides services for the digitization of invoices.

Other forms of message exchanges are payment instructions and statements. Through EVRY companies can exchange messages via SWIFT with all its banks. We can offer corporate messaging on most standard formats, and convert to the format the recipient prefers.



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