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Making mobile payments easy

The world of payments is evolving, and consumer and business behaviour is changing rapidly, moving towards even faster and easier methods of payment. That’s why EVRY is constantly investing in developing and improving innovative and secure solutions.

EVRY provides the most comprehensive card and mobile payment services portfolio. With a full value chain, strong expertise and long experience within the industry, we’re already delivering tomorrow’s services today.

We deliver standard service components in a modular structure - a cost-effective solution, but flexible enough to adapt to your needs and to customer demands as their needs change. And all strictly aligned with financial regulations. Which means, with EVRY supporting your business, your solutions will always have the edge. 

Delivering the next generation of card and payment services

The world of payments is evolving, and consumer and business behaviour is changing rapidly, moving towards even faster and easier methods of payment. That’s why EVRY is constantly investing in developing and improving innovative and secure solutions.

We are working closely with our customers, partners and leading suppliers. For example, we’re unique in offering our customers a cohesive, cloud-based service for the issue of debit, credit, pre-paid cards as well as dual application/combo cards.

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Simplifying mobile payments

EVRY’s solution provides simplification, enabling the banks to offer mobile payments for its customers without dependencies to telco providers. This alternative allows the card holders to pay with their mobile at all points of sale that accept contactless payments with Visa and Mastercard.


We offer a complete cloud based mobile payment solutions based on HCE technology. We take care of the complete value chain for cloud based payments - mobile wallet, virtual card server (HCE Server), tokenisation services, authorisation and card administration including data generating. We act as both a service supplier and as an integrator in the payment infrastructure.


Contactless cards and micro tags 

EVRY’s technology for contactless cards and micro tags allows faster and more convenient ways to make payments, both high and low value, reducing the cost associated with cash acceptance. There are several types of contactless payment technology now available which enhance existing debit, credit and pre-paid card payments by combining the security of chip with the convenience of a rapid transaction. For issuers, this offers an innovative and secure way to penetrate new markets, creating competitive advantage and increasing the number of transactions.

Working with EVRY ensures that NorgesGruppen has access to broad expertise and future-orientated payment solutions which are well suited to our customers



All card services covered

Unlike other players in the market, we can cover every aspect of your card business - giving you a more streamlined and cost-effective solution. 

We take responsibility for the complete card lifecycle, from offering the service, manufacture of plastic cards and chips, and operations of the card systems, to opening accounts and ordering cards, manufacturing and personalizing cards, generating and distributing codes, processing, switching, monitoring authorisations and transactions for fraud, renewals, printed invoices, e-invoices, clearing and settlement, blocking services and phone support for cardholders. EVRY’s complete solution also includes project implementation.


Bringing expertise to you 

We work with many different customers, in complex environments that make many detailed demands on our solutions. They span 12 different countries and represent some of the best-known businesses in banking and finance, public sector, transport and retail. Diverse sectors, yet all share a need for card solutions that deliver greater efficiency, maximum security and simplicity.

Where our customers are, we are. That means we're on the ground and ready to serve clients in their local language with consultancy and authentication servers, design, artwork, secure personalisation, production, issuance, integration and hosted authentication, fraud services, as well as distribution and fulfilment.



Compliant with standards

The card industry is intensively regulated and requires certified solutions. No problem. We have all the approved solutions in place and ready for use. Our services are fully compliant with applicable standards as EMV, PCI DSS, Visa, MasterCard, as well as national requirements in relevant markets.


An appreciable reduction in the number of incidences of card fraud

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The leading provider of card fraud prevention services 

Card fraud is rising in parallel with increasing card use. Meeting this threat requires better cooperation between the participants in the card services value chain and the authorities. EVRY maintains an active dialogue with the official authorities involved in security issues, and there are several forums where security experts exchange and discuss operational measures to combat fraud. 

EVRY’s centre for the prevention of card fraud makes use of shared experience, analytical data, logic and specialist methodology to reduce the incidence of fraud. EVRY monitors over 1 billion card transactions around the world - 24/7 - to detect and prevent fraud. Combined with real-time monitoring, these measures have reduced banks’ losses from card fraud by up to 70%. 

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