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Navigating the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s IT deliveries

EVRY is the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s IT operations supplier and as such has set up good basic solutions that provide a high level of availability. In addition to supplying the organisation with its own IT deliveries, EVRY has helped ensure the Authority’s IT systems work well together. Because of this, the Authority has a modern total solution that meets all its IT needs.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has jurisdiction over all ships registered in Norway as well as foreign ships calling at Norwegian ports. EVRY won the tender process that the Authority carried out in 2010 in relation to IT operations, user support, networks and telephony on the basis of the criteria of quality, implementation ability and price.

The Authority attaches particular importance to digital services, availability and good service. High uptime for its systems and good mobility solutions are essential. Its IT requirements include managing and operating its various office support systems, a case management and archive system and its specialist proprietary systems. The Authority also needs operating and maintenance services for its networks and telephony systems, and management services for its user support.

A local partner all along the coast
The Norwegian Maritime Authority’s head office is located in Haugesund. The Authority needs to have robust systems that can be accessed by its 330 employees regardless of where they find themselves. Its employees are divided between 17 locations all along the Norwegian coast, and many of them are required to travel around to different places for their work.

“We have employees in a large number of different locations all along the coast as well as a number of inspectors who work at ports and out on ships. The local presence that EVRY has is very important to us. Having a partner that has a high level of expertise as well as a footprint in every region in which we operate is a great strength”, comments Sverre Rossebø, who is in charge of IT, archiving and service desk at the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

In addition to classic office support solutions such as accounting, EVRY operates the Ephorte case and archive system for the Authority. This system meets all the relevant statutory requirements. EVRY also operates the specialist proprietary systems that the Authority uses to process sailors’ and ships’ certificates, which are of great importance to the maritime sector.

“Our partnership with EVRY gives us access to a great variety of specialist expertise that it would be expensive for us to provide ourselves. EVRY provides high-quality deliveries and has helped us acquire stable and modern IT systems with good user interfaces”, adds Sverre Rossebø.

A technology captain
EVRY has put together a very good complete package using its own solutions, third party deliveries and existing public sector IT solutions already used by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. The solutions that make up the package comply with public sector management rules and are well-suited to meeting the Authority’s requirements.

“EVRY is a great partner that takes an overall approach and helps us to develop our activities. Although EVRY is our main IT partner, we also have other IT suppliers. EVRY’s ability to work with our other suppliers is particularly important to us and gives us access to solutions that are very well-suited to our requirements”, comments Sverre Rossebø.

An example of something that EVRY has helped us with is Microsoft Lync (Skype for business), a video conferencing solution that means meetings between offices can now be conducted using PCs and video. This has led to an improvement in cooperation between the Authority’s various locations and lower travel expenses.

“EVRY’s implementation ability is strong and we have seen all our needs well looked after. The Lync solution is a good example of this. The solution has made us more efficient and reduced our costs”, adds Sverre Rossebø.