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Digital Transformation for Bilia

Giving Bilia a competitive advantage requires highly effective IT systems. Both retailers and consumers expect prompt and professional service in a modern environment. Working closely with EVRY over many years has enabled Bilia’s IT department to develop solutions that are user-friendly and effective for the group and its customers.

Making it easy and attractive to own a car
With 94 sites across three countries, Bilia is the largest car dealership chain in the Nordic region. Bilia's business proposition is to provide car sales, car servicing and other services in a way that delivers lasting value for customers. It is particularly important to have sales and after-sales solutions that benefit both the customer and the business. The group is performing well, has good levels of customer satisfaction and is at the forefront of a highly competitive market.

“There are of course many reasons why Bilia is doing well, and as far as IT is concerned, it’s a question of making sure there is a constant process of development. Our dealers, those buying cars from us and car owners have entirely different requirements and expectations compared with even a few years ago. Given this context and given that we operate in an industry in which you always have to make full use if IT in order not to be left behind, we need a cost effective way of managing and developing our IT systems”, comments Magnus Karlsson, CIO at Bilia.

Solutions that make a difference every day
“At the moment, EVRY is primarily assisting us with systems development work, but over the years they have worked with us on a whole range of projects that have varied in both their scope and emphasis. Their closeness to us and the great breadth of resources and expertise they possess mean we can take a strategic and long-term approach when working with them. They are very flexible and have great insight, and these qualities have been critical success factors”, explains Magnus Karlsson.

One example of the collaboration between Bilia and EVRY is a newly developed direct payment application. This new application is of great benefit to buyers and customers alike as it removes the need for cash or banker's drafts while also avoiding manual in-branch bank transfers, which often lead to a couple of days' delay.

"We now have a flexible solution that suits us as well as our customers as it allows us to monitor in real time a payment being made for a used car, for example. The breadth of EVRY’s expertise was a great advantage on this project, and we particularly benefited from their knowledge of and experience in the area of financial transactions."

Another example is Bookmaker, a system for booking cars in for service and repairs that EVRY has played an important role in developing. Superficially, this solution is very similar to the old system that Bilia’s employees were familiar with, but in reality it is an entirely new and up-to-date system with a much greater range of functions. It is also much more reliable and much easier to use.

“The development of Bookmaker was a high quality process, and was delivered in an exemplary way on time and on budget”, concludes Magnus Karlsson.

Bilia is committed to having the most satisfied customers in the industry. IT plays an important in this. Image: Magnus Karlsson, CIO at Bilia AB.

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