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Optimize RFPs with Digital Assistant

Overwhelmed by manual RFP data entry? RFP admins often spend hours searching for information to complete new RFPs

Optimize RFPs with Digital Assistant

Enhance Efficiency, Boost Productivity

On average, it takes a staggering 7 to 15 hours to complete a decent size RFP, with a whopping 80% of the team's time devoted to reading through documents and responding to questions manually.

To add to the frustration, ambiguous data in the databank requires manual review to ensure accuracy.

Introducing RFP Digital Assistant!

Say goodbye to manual RFP processes and hello to efficiency with our cutting-edge features:

Knowledge Base: Seamlessly upload RFP documents and store them as a question and answer set for easy access.



Ask a Query: Post your query and retrieve detailed responses from our knowledge base with references to the document name, page number, and content highlights.



Document Summary: Upload RFP documents and Advanced algorithms work on documents to understand the content and then generate an overview of the document.



Experience the future of RFP management with RFP Digital Assistant - revolutionizing the way you handle RFPs! 

Saves Time: Average time taken for RFP is 7 to 15 hours based on the complexity. Using RFP digital assistant will save around 30% of the time spent.

Enhanced Productivity: Access accurate answers, summaries, and insights in real-time, freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks.

Quick Info Search: Extracting accurate information from RFPs is easy with the solution. Our solution allows multiple RFP Analysts to collaborate simultaneously, making information retrieval a breeze.

Improved Comprehension: Simplify complex documents with Document Summary, ensuring users grasp key information effortlessly.

Experience the power of efficiency with RFP Digital Assistant - your secret weapon for RFP success!

If you are interested in this solution and want to know more about this, then please reach out to us at



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