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Card fraud prevention

 EVRY offers transaction monitoring services and software whose aim is to prevent and reduce economic losses as the result of payment fraud.

Our solutions include transaction monitoring as a fully or partially outsourced service, as well as the option to buy the software license only, for banks and acquirers who wish to operate transaction monitoring internally.

Fraud prevention

Transaction monitoring as a 24/7-365 service.

Fraud prevention can deliver either a complete round-the-clock or partially outsourced service, as to the requirements of the customer. Our team of experts and analysts ensure that your bank receives maximum protection against fraudulent transactions. Monitoring can be offered in real time or near real time. Read more about fraud prevention here,

Transaction monitoring software license

EVRY's transaction monitoring software has been developed by fraud experts to detect and prevent fraud. The software offers a complete solution for banks, processors and acquirers that wish to manage transaction monitoring internally. 

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