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Daily banking

 The customer experience in contact with the bank is one of the bank's most important competitive differentiators. The bank customers should have a good experience with intuitive, relevant and prompt service, whether they choose to meet the bank in a branch, chat-line, or via on-line channels.

Customer care, service and insight are essential utilities for the bank customer and the financial service’s officers. The activities are often driven by the customer’s initiative and need, and are the moment of truth in terms of customer experience, sales opportunities, revenue growth and efficiency.

Daily Banking supplies multichannel services for real-time customer needs, based on a variety of financial products.

Sales and Customer Service facilitates the work of customer administration and multi channels agreements and contract management. The service offers a complete overview of the customer portfolio and behavior, previous and planned dialogues between the financial institution and the customer, relevant events and cross-selling opportunities.

Teller is a financial service for efficient management of general ledger transactions and customer cash handling.