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Advising and sales

An average bank customer is highly present online, and software and online-based tools for advising and sales are becoming business critical in order to connect customers with bank services. These tools are also drivers for increased revenues for the banks through efficient sales processes, and effective customer-to-product matching.

Much of the sales and advising processes that have traditionally been performed by the financial institutions based on know-how and experience can today be more automated and organized. Hence, the integration and effectiveness between systems, the sales process management tools and the product management "systems and services" are of outmost importance.

CRM Finance

CRM Finance is a collection of Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules developed specifically for the financial industry. By identifying needs that are generic for the industry as a whole, EVRY have developed generic modules suitable for delivery into any CRM project. EVRY’s module portfolio cover a wide range of CRM areas as compliance, data integration, bank system integration, content delivery, marketing automation, online banking integration, customer intelligence and insight, case handling and customer service. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how EVRY can help your bank succeed with your CRM project.

Online Campaign Solution

Online Campaign Solution is a marketing module that simplifies the campaign delivery within the secure banking zone to the right people at the right time. Bank customers will experience a personalised and relevant digital banking experience.

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Feel free to contact us for more information about EVRY’s Online Campaign Solution.