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One of the largest Nordic IPOs this year:

EVRY goes public!

Today, EVRY history is made. On 21. June 2017, EVRY ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The introduction is one of the largest in the Nordics this year. 

See the recording of the listing ceremony here.

The listing ceremony is livestreamed here from 08:15. 

In conjunction with the stock exchange listing, the new EVRY Investor Relations has also been released:  https://www.evry.com/investor

EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region and has a strong local and regional presence in 50 Nordic towns and cities. Through its insight, solutions and technology, EVRY contributes to the development of the information society of the future and so creates value for the benefit of its customers and for society as a whole. EVRY combines in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise with local delivery models and international strength. EVRY has some 8,200 full-time employees, and the  Company is committed to demonstrating that Nordic customers are best served by a supplier that understands Nordic business from the inside. EVRY has annual turnover of more than NOK 12 billion.