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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Do you – like many others – find that technology, services and platforms are developing at a rapid pace? The fast pace and technological advances are creating digital smart solutions that offer new opportunities for making your company more efficient and successful. The question is which solutions you should invest in. We may have the answer!

Cloud migration: from necessity to opportunity

Cloud computing makes it easier to share information with colleagues, provides more efficient ways of uploading and retrieving files, and brings you one step closer to new technologies like AI, blockchain and cognitive platforms, all of which require cloud computing in order to be implemented. So investing in a cloud service is not only a more flexible and cost-effective solution; it also offers your company an opportunity to step into the future.

We can help you migrate to the cloud

Currently the public market for cloud services is dominated by four global giants – IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) – and knowing which one to choose can be difficult. But with us you won't need to make that decision. Because we always aim to offer our customers the best cloud computing options available, we have agreements with all four cloud service providers that allow us to adapt our service to suit your company's needs.

Together with you as our customer, we devise a cloud strategy that is independent of technology platform and that reassures you that the advice and solutions we propose are the ones that best meet your company's specific wants and needs. Regardless of what type of company you work in, we can supply and migrate your business to a cloud platform that best suits you, thanks to our partners and our delivery model.

partners.pngMicrosoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud are our partners.

Why move your business to the cloud?

What does moving your business to the cloud actually involve? With cloud computing you will use software over the internet. Your data is not stored on a specific service or device, but on an invisible cloud, or what is referred to as a cloud service.

The cloud strategy we offer covers all the steps in the process, from analysis of business opportunities in the cloud to applications architecture, training and operation. The cloud journey starts with a cloud readiness assessment, our analysis methodology, in which we assess different aspects of migrating applications, such as feasibility, delivery model, distribution model and security.

A range of services including advice, architecture, design, implementation and operation of these platforms can be provided by our certified consultants in Sweden, Norway, Ukraine and India. Whether it is a matter of hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments, we always assume overall responsibility for your IT services.

Let us transform your cloud strategy into a great opportunity for your company! Get in touch and let us tell you more.

Want to know how to migrate to the cloud?

We' are here to guide you. Fill in your contact details and we'll get back to you soon!