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Cloud Direct

Cloud Direct

Cloud Direct is a cloud management platform with a set of integrated tools and services needed to administrate and operate a multi-cloud environment.

Orchestration and provisioning of services, automated deployments of applications or whole environments and better control with consolidated billing and reporting.

Provider Agnostic- serving you on multiple cloud platforms

This is a modern and innovative service for cloud services and operations. The service is provider agnostic, which means that it can be applied to leading providers such as:

• Microsoft Azure
• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Google Cloud Platform
• IBM Cloud

As a managed service made explicit for cloud environments, this service sets the framework for all things related to
that. A central aspect is the importance of Service Governance such as configuration, change and release management.

All templates will be stored centrally and act as documentation for these environments. This enables the Supplier to quickly restore functionality, deploy new workloads rapidly or change existing configurations in a smooth way as the code base also enables a high degree of automation.

Private cloud ready

Private cloud deliveries are also possible by using EVRY Local Cloud, a complete offering for cloud services and all services delivered on these platforms.

The key capabilities for Cloud Direct are:

  • Multi-cloud control: Full control and management of public cloud services, with high degree of automation for fast deployments
  • Infrastructure and applications: Operations and management, also for platforms and applications, in addition to infrastructure
  • Automated provisioning: Facilitates automated provisioning of both infrastructure, platforms and software, i.e. “everything as code”
  • Self-service: Flexible cloud delivery model (fully or partly managed) with self-service for ordering, monitoring and management
  • Cost and billing insights: Consolidated consumption-based billing and reporting (use per minutes/hours) for all cloud services in your organisation
  • Monitoring: End-to-end monitoring of all managed services, incl devices, applications and workloads in the cloud.

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