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Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Insight
Data insight - whenever, wherever

Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Insight

Data management can be time-consuming. For many companies, a daily struggle. That’s why we´re here. To help you and your team reduce time spending on data analysis and instead use your data to solve real business problems. We´ll show you how!

The time of analytics is now

So many things on the to-do list yet so little time. A classic problem in our ever-changing digital environment. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find new practical ways to work. You can start by reducing the time it takes to analyse your company data.

Did you know that your business next smart move may lie in your data? The answer to how you can be more innovative, attract new customers and beat your competitors is right there in front of you. Without tools to interpret your unstructured and massive data, you’re lost in confusion. We let your data become your new best friend. How? By analysing it correctly and gain insights from your information.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The Analytics business is moving into a new era. Traditional reporting and Business Intelligence are no longer enough to keep your company at the forefront of the competition. With Advanced analytics, new opportunities have surfaced. Your data becomes structured and visible for you. This way you achieve Digital Advantage!

Data Orchestration

To be structured and have control of your data lakes is probably every company’s dream. How is your data optimised for analytical purposes? Is it manageable for all types of data, structured or unstructured? Don’t worry; we help you gain control over it. With our analytical platform advisory, data management and integration of API’s you won’t drown in data lakes no more.

Enterprise Performance Management

EPM stands for Enterprise Performance Management - often used for operational planning, budgeting, and reporting. It helps you manage your business, analysing and understanding what’s going on. So instead of spending time on data manipulation and reconciliations, let your EPM take you from analysis to action. We enable streamlined EPM business processes for improved decision making.

Data Science and Machine Learning

By utilising large datasets in combination with machine learning algorithms and advanced data science, computers can acquire human-like capabilities. Computers can understand a text, hear voices and words, see objects and learn from feedback. We work with the toolbox of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics and Sentiment Analytics, Chatbots and knowledgebots, and Computer vision.

Robotic Prosess Automation

Robot technology can help with tedious and time-consuming routine tasks and help get rid of things faster, reduce manual errors and streamline. The requirements for restructuring, efficient operation and profit realization are constantly increasing. At the same time, new regulations are introduced such as new privacy legislation (GDPR) in the EU. All of this requires full control, streamlined routines and secure data management. Let the robots automate and take over processes safely and let the employees get more time for the important things! Read more

API Exchange

When you need some new functionality or insight, we make innovations from us and third parties easily available. Using API services directly or building on top of services, you can integrate data and applications you’re already using in an instant. If you have created an API, publish it on the marketplace and make it available to thousands of customers through already existing platforms and direct integrations. This means that leveraging the latest API innovations and obtaining insight have never been easier.

Our way of making you more data-driven

Handling big data can be overwhelming. What needs to be done and how do you start? Based on your company needs we get you on track by setting up your unique strategy.

  • Understand your business needs and create a data strategy
  • Explore, store, structure, enrich and clean your data in a modern data warehouse
  • Derive value from your data by using visualisations, analytics, and AI/Machine learning technologies

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