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DevOps Services

DevOps Services

DevOps is about people, processes and products and the art of making it work together. It’s a collaborative methodology for developers and operations that relates to agile system development.

By offering standardized DevOps platforms based on high end technology along with a complete set of tools and expertise way we save you time and money. We also decrease your implementation effort by enabling your organization to establish DevOps platforms and get you up and running in no time.

With our DevOps Service you can:

  • Go away from unstable, slow and expensive release cycles
  • Enable automated testing
  • Release and build/deploy pipeline.

Enabling innovation to your applications

Imagine being able to run code on a modern platform in containers or using functions as a service – It's possible, all managed and operated by EVRY. Also, we make sure to take care of security aspects and secret management to keep confidentality when needed. Whether the code is running in EVRY datacenter or in a public cloud.

EVRY DevOps Services are designed to address and solve pains in the development lifecycle of an application. They enable the foundation to reach success in fast and effective business development . It also enables innovation power to your organisation.

Sounds good? It is!

Let's connect and talk DevOps!

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