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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

Digitising the workplace is a trend sweeping across companies and organisations, regardless of size and industry. It's gotten so widespread that it sometimes has become a demand from many jobseekers. Maybe, due to the fact a digital workplace is characterised by new opportunities to enable work, meet and network in- and outside the organization.

One concept, many opportunities

Digitalising your tasks doesn’t have to be difficult, but the right technology and the right strategy to get there needs to be in place. Your collaborative platforms need to become more social and you will have to determine each step to digitalise the workplace in the correct manner. Once you’ve done that, we can guarantee that digitalisation will benefit your company in so many ways. It will stimulate social interaction and activate exchanges of ideas and knowledge sharing. Be it, inside or outside, your organisation's boundaries, it will drive innovation and improve efficiency of work. Transforming your workplace to become more digital, will most often result in enhanced employee satisfaction with their workplace and their employer, which in turn will enhance productivity.

Digital Workplace by EVRY

We have developed solutions for the digital workplace and can provide you with the support you need. It's based on well-known technology from leading vendors and applications such as Office 365 and SharePoint, ensuring that your enterprise quickly gains access to a modern collaborative platform. By optimising the ways in which the different tools are used, you will gain true business values such as reducing e-mail traffic and useless meetings. Above all you will most likely see the following changes:

  • Cooperation and streamlined processes wich will lead to improved efficiency
  • Ability to find and share information that most likely will increase productivity
  • Knowledge and expertise will be easier to locate
  • A new form of digital dialogue will emerge between people

By letting your employees use technology in the right way, you can digitalise the workplace and create something unique and competitive. However, this trend is growing fast and the technology is in constant development, so you need to keep your eye on the ball.

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