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Application Management

Application Management

Managing applications is not always an easy task. Keeping them up to date with new versions and tools when needed. Making sure they stay fit for purpose and aligned with your business. We have a framework for integrated application management in a life cycle perspective. It makes it cost efficient and scalable based on the application as the key enabler for Digital Advantage.

Continuous scalability and flexibility

When it comes to managing applications we believe in continuity, scalability and flexibility. To offer you the right resources we establish a core team for the service of your applications. We will ensure that competence and capacity from your core team is at your disposal when you need it. We make sure to scale your team to handle individual applications and application portfolios with the same predictability in service delivery. Scaling up and down according with your needs during the year, planned in the monthly service meetings.

One preferred partner managing your applications

As your preferred partner and advisor of the functional development of your applications we will make sure it all works the way it should. On a daily basis we will:

  • Deliver support
  • Handle incidents and functional enhancements
  • Keeping your applications up to date with new versions and tools
  • Making sure your applications are fit for purpose and aligned with your business.

Services bringing you expertise when needed

Your responsible contact person will draw on the considerable capacity and competence in EVRY and will bring on board specific expertise when needed. To top it all off we utilize our offshore capacity (through EVRY India and EVRY Ukraine) for delivering projects that may benefit from this or when more capacity is needed for specific tasks for limited periods.

Some of our most appreciated Application Management services:

  • One responsable contact person at EVRY
  • Case Management
  • Cloud transformation
  • Dynamic capacity scaling including offshore capacity
  • Platform modernization and functional enhancement

Need help to manage your applications?

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