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Elements Case Management Tool

Today's users place high demands on good user experience in their case management tools. IT solutions must simplify tasks and be intuitive, comfortable and efficient. Case management must be fast and fully electronic. It must ensure equal treatment and secure record-keeping and retrieval while taking into account confidentiality, integrity, traceability and accessibility considerations. Collaboration must be effectively supported internally, across disciplinary teams and organisational units, and at the same time manage secure and necessary communication with external parties. It must also be possible to effectively integrate the solution with other stand-alone modules and systems.

Elements is the result of further development of the ESA and ephorte products used by more than 400 municipalities and government agencies in Norway. This makes the solution the most widely used case/records management system in Norway's public sector. EVRY's Elements offers a NOARK 5-approved solution that meets organisational needs in these areas with a brand new user experience.

With Elements you get:

  • Good tool support and effective collaboration in case management processes
  • Secure capture of incoming and outgoing communication
  • Efficient information access
  • Help to ensure equal case management in similar cases
  • Assured compliance with the Archival Act
  • Good user experience and satisfied users
  • Improved case management efficiency

Elements comprises solution components which individually represent the best functionality and user experience, with clients for archivists, case processors, building application processors, and meeting secretaries and chairs. The solution works in web browsers, regardless of whether users use a PC, tablet or smartphone, and is at the cutting edge of interoperability between records management and other solutions. Elements is close on the heels of the numerous national digitalisation initiatives for standardisation projects and adoption of common components.

Elements' stand-alone core system is designed to serve as a rich functional archival repository for any external solutions that can communicate via the N5 service layer or the GeoIntegration Standard. EVRY can also offer stand-alone Elements clients for archivists, case processors, building application processors, meeting secretaries, meeting chairs, etc. that can be added to further complement your organisation's solution.

Please find detailed information on Elements, EVRY's solutions for government agencies, municipalities and the health sector in Elements Customer Portal

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