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IT and Consulting Services

IT and Consulting Services

Technology is everywhere in our society. How we work, live and relate to each other are changing. What kind of future are we creating and what kind of future do we want to create?

The public sector is facing increased demands for process optimisation and an expectation of a rapid effect on investments. Frequent market changes and new technological opportunities have led to a new type of unpredictability that needs to be managed. At the same time, national authorities, citizens and their relatives are demanding increased accessibility and continuous focus on quality and better coordination. When combined, these result in major challenges for the sector which has long been struggling with limited resources and expects the pressure to intensify in the coming years.

EVRY is heavily involved in international, national, regional and local public sector projects. In the Nordic region, we are more than 300 people working every day to help Public and Health sector organisations to make better use of IT.

We have formed a dedicated team across the Nordics of senior architects, technology project managers, UX designers, structured test managers as well as back-end and front-end developers, primarily in .NET and Java. We are an agile and close-knit team, with a structure that ensures sound work processes and clear parameters, allowing scope for improvisation and great ideas.

Our project and change managers' prime motivation is to leverage the best of technology to provide public sector organisations with the support and scope it needs in order to deliver modern services and solutions for the society.

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