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Investing in new technology will breathe new life into the insurance industry


Everyone's different. And so are insurance policies. Nowadays private individuals and companies expect smart insurance policies that fit a modern lifestyle. This represents a golden opportunity for the insurance industry to latch on to the development of digital services that offer customers freedom of choice. We are creating the next generation of insurance solutions, and can help you take the first step into the digital arena by offering everything from new technology to expert advice

Beatiful Code: Code that saves lives

What could be done to help prevent the 300 road traffic accidents involving children that take place every year?
In this project we use Augmented Reality and Gamification to create road safety for children

Future-proof your digital services

Digital transformation brings new opportunities, and in the insurance industry it's time for you to focus on new features that will grow your business. Investing in new technology offers you the opportunity to energise your entire organisation. Investing in cloud services and security can revolutionise your digital ecosystem. Automated solutions can give you a smoother self-service offering. AI services can help you analyse advanced data. These are just some examples of how you can apply technology to boost your competitiveness and meet today's market needs. And you will find these types of digital solutions – and much more – in our portfolio.

We are continually developing our products and services so that they continue to perform well into the future. We do this because we know that the system choices which you as a player in the insurance industry make today will matter tomorrow. Our insurance experts will help you make the right choices, just as we have done with others before you: where we have reduced the amount of insurance fraud!

Better insurance solutions

The insurance industry is in the midst of substantial transformation facing the industrial revolution of today. Choose your next insurance solution and help your customers get ready for tommorow.

Together we create tomorrow's technology solutions

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