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Deliver real-time payments at scale through a secure payment platform

Deliver real-time payments at scale through a secure payment platform

The payments ecosystem is at an inflection point. Customers are demanding convenient payment options, such as real-time payments and P2P payments, that are secure and trustworthy. The costs of running payment operations, complying with the myriad regulations and implementing payments standards are mounting. Exposure to operational risk, data breaches and fraud losses can increase as a consequence of adapting to real-time payments.

What can we do for your business?

Imagine a modern state-of-the art payment platform that allows you to rapidly introduce real-time payment services and other types of payment. A platform that simplifies and streamlines your payment operations and thus delivers significant cost savings. And a robust and secure payment platform that helps you manage high volumes of payments securely and complies with international payment standards such as ISO20022. It’s possible.

With our module-based architecture payment platform, you can orchestrate, integrate and modernise your payment services without any impact on your other systems or ledgers. Our platform has been developed to support consistent straight-through processing across multiple payment types, enabling you to bring your payment operations together on to a single platform. Our payment solutions can help you provide better financial products and services to your customers more quickly.

Simplify management with a single platform

Enjoy the ease of managing and executing payment processes on a single platform where you can gather various types of request, control payment initiation and receive transactions from incoming channels.

Enhance your scalability and performance

Increase your operational efficiency with higher straight-through processing rates and a single point of configuration for payments, products and processing rules.

Lower your operational risk

Monitor payment processing across your company and conduct risk management across multiple payment channels.

Improve your business agility in relation to new products

Shorten your times to market by taking advantage of our pre-built functionality to create new, differentiated products.

Accelerate your compliance with legal requirements

Strengthen your compliance with the latest rules, regulations and standards, such as SEPA, ISO 20022 and SWIFT, on a single payment platform.

Flexible delivery models

We provide a wide range of delivery models as a part of our solution offering. Our payment platform is available as a stand-alone solution and is core and channel independent, or it can be fully embedded in our core banking, channel, card infrastructure and financial crime prevention solutions. The solutions can be delivered as SaaS services or as components installed at banks.

SWIFT service bureau – connect to the international market safely

As the largest certified SWIFT service bureau in the Nordics, we provide safe and secure connectivity for interbank financial messaging. We collaborate closely with SWIFT and so can offer you a smooth onboarding process. We are also your partner for joining the SWIFT gpi community.

Manage your working capital more efficiently with our cash management solutions

We provide banks with sophisticated cash management solutions, including multi-currency cash pool, cross-border cash pool and global liquidity management services. Read more about our solution >

Payments made simple

Happiness is unexpected simplicity...see how EVRY contributes to making the world of payments a lot easier!

A trusted partner

We are proud to have been chosen by 165 customers in the Nordics and northern Europe. Many of our customers have trusted us as their payment solutions partner for decades and use our full payment suite or components from it. Thanks to its flexible component-based architecture and different delivery models, our payment solutions are suitable for niche banks as well as full-scale banks with all types of customer segments and services.

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