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Are you ready for an open banking economy?

In today’s financial services industry, new regulations, unforeseen competition, and evolving customer expectations are driving digital transformation and the move toward open banking models.

Although these factors are creating challenges, they are also providing an unprecedented opportunity to rethink banking, and the industry is responding by moving toward new models that are open, intelligent and platform-based.

Accelerate your move toward an open, intelligent banking model

Whether you are struggling to meet PSD2 requirements, want to be a part of a partner ecosystem or are looking for ways of turning open banking opportunities into concrete business, we can support you throughout your journey.

If you are a bank...

... we can help you to thrive in an open banking world.

Open banking opens up for new ways of innovating and competing. To support you, our offering spans from building a vision for your organisation all the way through to executing on your vision. Our services cover all aspects of open banking, from compliance and delivering API-management solutions through to strategic advice and facilitating partnerships. By bringing together expertise in business strategy, design thinking and technology, we can help you explore and execute on the opportunities that lie ahead in the open API economy.

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If you are a fintech...

... we can help you scale your product fast.

Extend your sales reach into new markets and segments. Whether you have an existing payment or banking application or an idea for a new one, we can help you take advantage of the possibilities of PSD2 and open banking faster. Collaborating with us and our partner banks will give you a simple and cost-efficient way of integrating your own product with multiple banks and other businesses, which will enhance it with our open banking capabilities, such as financial data aggregation and account payments.

Regardless of industry...

…If you want to explore opportunities offered by open banking and to provide your customers with financial services, we can help you too, regardless of your industry.

Banking and data sharing are blurring the lines more and more between financial services and other industries. There is little doubt that open banking is the way forward due to the broader cross-industry data sharing ecosystem it creates. In recognition of this, we facilitate partnerships to help both our customers and partners to grow in new segments and markets. By leveraging a wide range of public and private APIs, we can enable you to build new innovative services and solutions that delight your customers and boost your sales.

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