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The core is the bank

The core is the bank

Everything from digital business models to open banking and compliance are putting pressure on banks to keep up. The customer experience is a top priority. In addition, it is likely that, thanks to open banking, a vast amount of transactions in the future will flow through channels owned not by banks but by third parties, fintech companies and other organisations in the new business ecosystem. With the future exponential growth in volumes brought about by the digitisation of banking, banks might struggle to operate and compete on legacy architecture.

A platform that puts your customers first

Imagine a truly customer-centric, API-ready and high transaction volume-ready core banking system fit for your bank’s digital economy - an industrialised, cloud-based core system that gives your co-workers simpler administration and improved work processes, provides you as a bank with a cost-sharing model that can improve your bottom line, simplifies product management so you can launch new products in minutes and, most importantly, puts your customers first.

Power your bank's digital transformation

Built on modern and advanced architecture, our core banking solutions offer a comprehensive set of capabilities to power your bank's digital transformation. Our solutions are highly automated and include flexible product factories, extensive parameterisation, product bundling and reusable business components to help accelerate growth. With its real-time processing engine, open APIs and simple component replacement, EVRY offers the most advanced foundations for digital banking, enabling banks to engage demanding consumers. It is no wonder that our customers enjoy cost-to-income ratios that are lower than those of many other banks.

Next-generation core banking solutions

We are investing heavily in developing our next generation of core banking solutions – a completely modern and modular platform that is specifically architected to address the key challenges facing banking today. We have created it from the ground up so that you can offer your customers a range of amazing financial services chosen by you. And we are building it with passion and pride.

A trusted core banking partner

We are proud to have been chosen by 165 customers in the Nordics and northern Europe. Many of our customers have trusted us as their core banking partner for decades and use our full core banking suite or components from it. Thanks to its flexible component-based architecture and different delivery models, our core banking offering is suitable for consumer finance, full-scale banks with all types of customer segments and services as well as for niche banks.

EVRY’s services are already widely used by Handelsbanken in Norway for many years. EVRY’s solution will give us a modern and configurable banking platform with extensive product development capabilities. Modernising our core banking system in this way will enable us to develop more efficient processes and thereby to provide better customer service

Nina Arkilahti, CEO of Handelsbanken in Finland

Generate fresh revenue streams through open APIs

Embrace new business models and collaborate and integrate with an ecosystem of customers, developers and other business partners with our advanced open API-based architecture where all business services are available as web-services. Such possibilities are vital when moving towards an open banking landscape.

Know your customers better with real-time data access

Truly understand your customers by accessing detailed real-time customer data through a single 360-degree customer view where every piece of data you have is in one place. This is made possible by our customer-centric master data management solution.

Adapt your products and services to your customer needs

Give your co-workers and customers a smooth and seamless user experience that is consistent across touchpoints. This is made possible thanks to a flexible and efficient product toolbox that lets you build and launch new products in minutes for both the retail and corporate markets.

Manage growth with our proven scalability

With the arrival of open banking and the internet of things, and with banking becoming further embedded into our lifestyle, transaction volumes will grow exponentially. The platform architecture is designed to cater for this growth and make sure you are fit for the future.

Modernise at a pace that suits your goals

Develop your core using our modular solutions that enable you to keep up with the dynamic environment in which you operate and to support change within your bank. We offer unmatched agility so you can modernise at a pace that suits your goals. Deploy the services you want – choose deposits but not lending, or payments but not cards, for example. Deploy and run any combination of your choice including third-party products, on a single platform. A frequent, rapid evolution or progressive modernisation will mitigate the risk of transforming.


A complete banking service

We can provide you with a solid core banking solution that includes business services - from accounts, deposits and loans to payments, direct debits and e-invoices, all on a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform.

Security and compliance

Our core banking solution meets high banking security standards and is compliant with common industry requirements, and has been verified and certified by an external certification body.

How can we deliver?

Our core banking solutions can be delivered as cloud SaaS solutions or as on-premise solutions. The choice is yours. As we offer an optimal mix of componentisation granularity and API-based component integration, you can deploy and upgrade your solutions selectively and progressively. This reduces risk and shortens your time to market.

Our core is designed to help you practice agile implementation where you only deploy the components you need at first. We have the capabilities and expertise to enable you to continuously integrate and deploy components. To reduce risk and ensure you transition from your existing solutions to our new solutions safely, we will provide you with a specialised team with highly experienced employees, who have domain expertise in payment and core banking.

Focus on your customers and let us take care of compliance and maintenance

We take care of upgrades, maintenance, compliance, servers and storage as well as all the other areas that can distract you from your day job. This leaves you with a hassle-free core that lets you focus on building great customer relationships through an excellent data-driven financial platform.

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