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Card holder app

We believe the key to design apps with great user experiences, is to really understand customer needs and behaviours, through insight, knowledge and technical expertise.

Our cardholder app is designed to help cardholders to access and manage their card details in a simple way, providing key card information and mobile payment, all in one mobile phone application. A white-label mobile app that provides key information such as the card’s available balance and recent transactions at a glance. Multiple options can be included to offer a full stack mobile app for your customers. Alternatively, it can be a supplement for specific customer segments.

Our cardholder app is an extension of our card issuing service, and its main benefit is to make the card details and available balance more accessible for the end consumer. It is a secure, easy to use and intuitive app which allows the cardholders to monitor and control their card usage and, in doing so, delivers great customer experience.