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The way we use cash is changing, but the way we spend money isn’t.

Recent years have seen a significant decline in the use of cash in the Nordics, but cash will still remain crucial for the foreseeable future. We are seeing banks throughout Europe become increasingly interested in reducing the costs of handling cash.

Managing hundreds of ATMs and cash machines dispensing millions in cash 24 hours a day 7 days a week is very complex. More distributed services together with a desire for more secure handling have therefore led to better solutions and systems. Multi-brand, multi-currency and dynamic currency conversion (DCC) solutions combined with multilingual cardholder interfaces can enable more sales and promotions through new ATM experiences. How can these new solutions and services be integrated with existing infrastructure? How can banks, independent ATM deployers and other companies prepare for this necessary modernisation?

To keep up with the rapid changes in the market, you need a competent, innovative and strong partner that can provide you with cost-effective strategies, plans, solutions and, last but not least, operations.

Focus on your customers and let us take care of your cash

Having an experienced partner help you with the rapidly changing technology and the IT operations involved enables you to concentrate on your core business, customers and markets. Our business is to help you make a success of today and tomorrow.

With our expertise and experience, we can play a vital role in delivering optimized, secure ATM networks in the European market. We are one of the few suppliers in the world that offers a true ATM-pooling solution, and we currently deliver ATM services to customers in the Nordic and European markets.

Societies are built on our know-how and technology

We are the force behind a whole range of innovations that have transformed and simplified the way people access services across society. This includes banking and payment services, as well as many services that are important and beneficial for society as a whole.

As one of the largest tech companies in the Nordics, we provide extensive deliveries to Nordic companies, financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities and health authorities. We are responsible for about one-third of all IT services delivered in Norway. In addition to bank systems and card and payment solutions, we have developed solutions for transport, logistics, healthcare, commerce and security solutions for both the public and private sectors. Our portfolio of customers includes names such as DNB, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, Telenor, Norway’s central bank, Sweden’s Bankgirot, Forex Bank and several banks in the UK and Ireland.

There continues to be a high level of demand from Swedish people to withdraw and deposit cash, even though digital payments are increasingly popular. Nevertheless, cash still plays an important role in society, and we are now establishing more and more cash centres that allow users to withdraw and deposit cash. EVRY is a trusted collaboration partner for us, delivering its services with a high level of quality. Working with EVRY enables us to offer cost-efficient services, while at the same time they take responsibility for the entire value chain associated with our ATMs, which helps us to optimise our cash management

Nina Wenning, CEO at Bankomat

Delivering a new ATM experience

Our banking and ATM solutions are widely used in the Nordics, including by more than 20 banks across Scandinavia. Kontanten and Bankomat in Sweden, EuroCash in Finland and Geldmaat in the Netherlands, along with a range of companies in UK, Ireland and Belgium, all use our flexible model for ATM services, pooling and administration, which features multi-vendor ATM software and a complete solution that fulfils all the requirements set by the card industry .

Reducing the cost of cash in society

Our solution is one of the most advanced in Europe, and it offers support for cash-in-transit (CIT), branches and merchant-replenished ATMs. We can meet all your needs in relation to ATM services, multi-vendor software distribution, cash administration, and value chain monitoring tools. Many major ATM networks make use of our expertise and robust infrastructure. We are well equipped to support your company thanks to our leading IT solutions and pan-European ATM services.

Bankomat and Geldmaat’s customers are enjoying a better ATM-experience.

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Cash was king, but is not going away completely.

Are you interested in finding out how we helped Bankomat and Geldmaat’s customers enjoying a new ATM-experience? Let us know how we can help you by dropping us a note.